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April Photo a Day Part 5

I had fun doing the photo a day list during April. I only missed one day. I won’t be continuing to post photos to twitter every day, but I will be posting them sometimes when there is a thing in the world that I think is pretty or interesting. A Favorite Place (reading with a […]

April Photo a Day Part 4

Flat Animal In the dark Brand new Black and White Down the road In the mirror

April Photo a Day Part 3

This is the third week of my photo a day project. Sign (We had some remodeling done. I recommend these people if you’re local. They were pleasant, worked quickly, and did good work.) Texture Underneath Wrinkled (Yes that is my eye. I need to get some new author photos taken so that people can see […]

April Photo a Day Part 2

Here are my photos from this week: Colorful Peaceful On My shelf (Yes that is a pokeball. All sorts of stuff accumulates on my bedside table. This is actually more organized than usual. I sorted the piles a few weeks ago, which is why the pens are neatly together rather than strewn among stacked notebooks […]

Photo a Day in April

Those who follow my twitter feed may have noticed me posting more pictures in the past few days. This is because on the first day of April I happened across a list for a one month photo-a-day challenge. When I saw the list, something inside me said “let’s do that.” So I began. Sunshine The […]


I love spring flowers. They are hope after dark and cold. They show up for a time and then disappear again until after the next cold dark season. There have been years when I was so busy I completely missed paying attention to the season of spring flowers. I was sad when I realized I’d […]

Spring Flowers

I’m very glad I took time to plant flowers last fall. They are a happy thing today.

Making Art

Art museums take my breath away. I am always awed by human creativity, the ways that people choose to express themselves, and how often they make simple objects needlessly beautiful. Then I stand in front of Greek marble sculptures and know that people have been doing this for a very long time. I wander to […]

Sun Rise

I had to get up far too early for a Saturday morning, but at least the sky was pretty.

December Flowers

In late October I hurried to plant some flowers before the cold weather hit. I expected them to winter over and then be lovely in the spring. Instead we had a brief period of cold and then we’ve had lovely mild weather. My pansies decided it was warm enough to bloom. So I have flowers […]