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Continuing Vacation Report

I try to clear the decks and tie up all the business things so that nothing will need attention while we’re gone for our family vacation. So far I’ve succeeded one year out of five. This year several time critical tasks relating to FanX next week, GenCon in August, and the LOTA release in May [...]

A Pocket Paradise

Bees are good company. This counts as surprising news to all of my children who tend to run screaming at the first sound of buzzing or glimpse of black and yellow in flight. But I have been sitting for most of the afternoon in the shade of a blooming wisteria and the bees have never [...]

Photos at Sunset

Our outing to the park for sunset photos was a success. The kids particularly like the odd swinging structure we found in a corner of the park. When the light dimmed and the air got chilly, we traversed back home. These were photos that I took. Some of Link’s are better than mine, but he’s [...]


The sun was setting out the window to my right sending warm rays of light through the wind shield and into my eyes. Link was napping in the seat next to me. He was along on the road trip to fetch his sister simply because he likes road trips and he likes his sister. Three [...]

Images of Fall

A storm blew in today and it feels like the end of Fall. We’re done with mild days and piles of leaves. Our leaf piles are pretty epic these days. One afternoon we hosted ten children ages two to twelve and they could all bury themselves in the same pile simultaneously. Eventually though we had [...]

An Evening Walk

I went for a walk during the hour of fireflies in the hope that I would be able to capture one in a picture. The fireflies were very obliging, the hovered right in front of my camera more than once, but sadly my skill is lacking. I have dozens of shots of blurry ground or [...]

The Trees I Planted

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago. The next best time is today. Fifteen years ago I dug a hole in the ground and planted that tree in the picture. It was a tiny little thing that I had to defend from the children and the potential ravages of weed whackers. [...]

The Butterfly Dress Photos

I promised to let all of you see the photographer’s shots of Kiki wearing the butterfly dress. Here they are along with appropriate credit for those involved. My original write up of the photo shoot can be found here. It has pictures that I took. The butterfly dress was created by Rebekah McKinney Kiki’s hair [...]

Kiki and the Photo Shoot

When someone says they are a model, it conjures images of a beautiful person who is dressed up fancy, gets a lot of attention, and sometimes fame or wealth as well. Those thoughts about modelling are products of the post-supermodel era that we live in. Prior to the supermodels of the 70′s, modelling was not [...]

The World is Big

Sometimes I am so focused on the happenings inside the walls of my house, the hearts of my people, that I forget how big the world is. It is big and wondrous. Skies like these can absorb any stress I care to throw at them. Of course, under skies like these and with such views [...]