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Post Shipping Clean Up

Let me show you my piles of boxes in the wake of the Massively Parallel shipping. First the front office where we did the complicated shipping. You can see the pile where we tossed boxes because we didn’t have time to collapse them. There is also a pile of collapsed boxes as well. Out in […]

Shipment Delivery: Complete

It was all lined up. Delivery of books and slipcases on Monday. I had a crew to help. Tuesday I’d help Howard sign book covers and then fetch Kiki home for Thanksgiving in the afternoon. Wednesday would be shipping prep and Thanksgiving prep. I’d done my necessary advance preparation. I’d done some preliminary sorting of […]

LOTA shipping day 2

LOTA shipping is complete. We have about three odds-and-ends packages to take care of when Howard gets back from his trip, but everything else is in the mail. I’m still sick. I started being sick the day before the first shipping. Muscled through on medicine. Slept and lay around for most of the day in […]

LOTA shipping day 1

We sent out two thirds of the preordered LOTA books today. All of the unsketched and sketched with LOTA, Artist Choice, Ebby, TAG, Pi, and Para are in the mail. Thursday will be the final shipping day. All the rest of the orders will go out then. This means my brain is fried. On top […]

Life Shift: Moving Into the Warehouse

The night before the move I lay awake in bed cataloging the things I should have done to get ready, but didn’t. It was Schlock Warehouse moving day and I was not prepared. I know how to ship. I know how to run a shipping event. I know how to manage having inventory in storage […]

Contemplating Shipping

We shipped out half of the Body Politic orders today. The process made me think about how our shipping events have changed over the years. We used to haul everything down to Dragon’s Keep and throw the doors wide for as many volunteers as wanted to come. Sometimes we had as many as 25 people […]

Shipping Update Final Day Tuesday June 4

This was the last day of shipping. From here out it will all be odds and ends, people who didn’t finish sending us their address until late, incorrect addresses, missing items, etc. We had a great crew and the work wrapped up far more quickly than expected. Work hours today: 37 Packages shipped: approx 500 […]

Shipping Update June 3

Janci printed postage for 3 hours. I did customer support emails, organization, and special handling for 3 hours. Work hours today: 6 Packages shipped: 7 Running totals Work hours:233 Packages shipped: Approx 1800 No change to backer levels in the mail. The following backer levels are in the mail: Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins […]

Shipping Update: Odds and Ends Day

This day I handled customer support and a pile of packages that needed special attention. I put in five and a half hours. My mom, who is visiting, helped me for around 90 minutes. Work hours today: 7 Packages shipped: about 80 Running totals Work hours:227 Packages shipped: Approx 1800 Little change to the backer […]

At the End of a Full Week of Shipping Coins

This is what my family room has looked like four out of the last five days. The first of those days was assembling sets, the rest were more or less like this picture, putting orders into boxes. We won’t ship again until Tuesday. Part of me feels bad about the delay, except shipping on the […]