Post Shipping Clean Up

Let me show you my piles of boxes in the wake of the Massively Parallel shipping.
First the front office where we did the complicated shipping.
You can see the pile where we tossed boxes because we didn’t have time to collapse them. There is also a pile of collapsed boxes as well.

Out in the warehouse we have two box piles. One between the pallets of books.

Another where we’ve also stashed bags full of garbage. The garbage backs are mostly full of the plastic wrapping which came around all the pallets.

We did collapse some of the boxes and made a stack. It helped that we immediately re-purposed many boxes and sent them out with the contents of large orders, like the eleven book sets.

You can also see my stack of wooden pallets. There are at least a dozen of them.

This is my shipping space in the front office. This is where I assembled complex orders. It looks relatively neat now. Earlier it had boxes full of sketched books sitting open all over the floor.

Here is a before and after comparison of the stacks of slipcases. You can see that we’ve used up almost eight pallets worth of slipcases. You can also see that we have another row behind them.
Before & After

Some time next week Kiki and I will collapse all the boxes, donate the cardboard to worthy causes, haul off the garbage, figure out what to do with the pallets, and if we have any energy left, sweep.

4 thoughts on “Post Shipping Clean Up”

  1. Pallets: If you have a wood burning stove, they can be broken up (use child labour for this) and burnt. Also good for building compost heaps (but that’s a LOT of compost heaps!)

    Finally, you can (at least in the UK) sell them. Probably best to pile them neatly in a corner and get the buyer to collect en-masse a few months before you need another delivery.

  2. there are people who re-purpose pallets into all sorts of lovely things, like herb gardens and coffee tables. i saw a webpage with hundreds of pictures of them, including nice artworks. maybe you can connect with some of the people who do this. my husband used them when he was able to woodwork. we are too far to get them though, in Alabama!

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