Throwing Rocks

Why is it that someone who has chosen to drive a scenic route to go and see a rustic house, when they arrive and decide the trip wasn’t worth it, will throw a rock through the window as if the house is at fault?

Rocks hurt.

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  1. Probably for the same reason people desecrate graveyards

    … because they can, and they’re jerks enough to want to take out their inadequacies or misgivings by upsetting other people as if there was anyone else to blame. Because they have unrealistic expectations, and choose instead to cast the metaphoric stone at someone else. Because people don’t want to feel they are at fault, since that means responsibility for the decision which may not have been optimal.

    Perhaps it’s because it gives them a sense of superiority, at least for a few moments, to have done ANYTHING at all after having encountered a situation not to their liking. At least they were in control of their actions at that point, and get a small sense of gratification from being able to take out their anger or other inwardly directed emotion on something else.

    Or perhaps because they’re just idiots who can’t be bothered to think.

    Who knows?

  2. I have never understood random destruction, whether it is a rock through a window, shooting holes in road signs, or graffiti beside a waterfall in a state park. There are apparently some people who simply enjoy destroying things.

  3. There seems to be an attitude among some people that the failure of something – an object, another person, an event – to meet an expectation is always a failure of that something, and not a reflection of the reasonableness of their expectation. Or maybe they’re just trying to leave their mark on something. Like a dog lifting its leg.

  4. Much ado about Ugh.

    This Throwing Rocks journal entry was a direct result of the comment “Ugh!” which someone anonymous posted to the prior entry. I’d just started getting comfortable with this Live Journal thing and feeling like there were actually people out there who cared to read my rambles and respond to them. (This amazes me by the way) And then this morning I woke up and got to read Ugh’s comment before anyone had replied to it. It felt a lot like getting hit with a rock. I was extremely upset for a good part of the morning. Funny how I can KNOW I’m being stupid crying over the comment of some random idiot, without the knowledge actually making me feel any better. Even during the time I was crying I was fairly certain that those of you who are my friends would jump in to defend me, but I couldn’t seem to get control of my emotions until someone actually had. If no one had posted comments disproving those of Ugh, it would probably have been a very negative end to my online journaling experience. Thank you for healing a hurt.

    Howard did his part too. He drew me a nice picture of Ugh. He says he’ll post a link to it here when he gets it scanned and uploaded. Unfortunately I suspect that Ugh was like a random drive by shooter. He probably surfed in from Schlock, read Howard’s entry, read my entry, threw his rock and departed never to return. So I guess he’ll never get to seen his portrait. Oh well. Can’t say I really wanted to see any more of him anyway.

  5. Re: If you looked like Ugh, you’d stay anonymous too…

    You’re sweet.

    Wen (who will be two in a month and a half) just wandered over and said “Dat?” I told her it was Ugh and she went quickly away. Kid’s got good taste.

  6. Re: Much ado about Ugh.

    Unfortunately, idiots exist. I didn’t even see the Ugh comment–I must have read your gardening post too soon–but had I, I imagine I would have been a lot more direct–and rather rude–in my reaction. (Maybe it’s best I didn’t see it.) And I’m not even a friend–just a fan of Howard’s work.

    I think it’s good that you were defended, and fast, because I wouldn’t want you to be driven out of what I think is a great medium for communication and discussion by a moron with a large rock (and another one between his ears).

  7. Re: If you looked like Ugh, you’d stay anonymous too…

    I would’ve thought that there’d be more body hair and pecking at the keys… but that’s just me. 😀

  8. If you haven’t already (and if no one’s already suggested it), I’d suggest for both you and Howard to turn off allowing Anonymous comments. You’ll find it here under “Who can reply to your entries?”.

    That way, if anyone insists on being idiotic or mean in the future, you can block them from ever commenting again.

    Also, welcome to LiveJournal. You’re not really a resident of this godforsaken place until you’ve been insulted by a mouth-breather when posting things that are important to you.

  9. More hair? More pecking?

    Oh great, now you’re attacking MY work. Hours and hours spent slaving over a hot drafting table, back bent, neck cricked, to provide you ingrates with a free laugh, and what do I get?

    “More hair, please. And where’s the pecking?”

    There’s no pleasing you people. 😉


  10. Re: More hair? More pecking?

    I found it amusing. And I know why there’s no pecking…

    Ugh’s brain is too small, it takes him about an hour per alpha-numeric symbol typed. And that’s with someone standing over his shoulder helping him


  11. I’m not going to address the question, as, others have already so, and quite well.
    I just wanted to note, that was Very well put; eloquent, and clear. well done.

    oh, and that’s a darn nice piccy of our hero you’ve got there…

  12. Re: More hair? More pecking?

    *peck* *peck* *peck* *peck* *peck*

    “U… r… teh..”


    *peck* *peck* *peck*

    Damn, forgot what I was saying. 😀

  13. Re: More hair? More pecking?

    Hey, you got a thank-you and hug from your wife. What else do you want?

    There’s no pleasing some husbands.

    … and thanks for the pic. do you mind if it becomes wallpaper?

  14. Oy.


    I hadn’t seen Ugh’s comment.

    I personally have little interest in gardening because it involves getting dirty (I don’t know if I had ever revealed my low-level obsessive compulsive tendencies to you back during my days on the Schlock board; it’s technically not OCD because the D part of that implies that it interferes with my life in a significant way, which, thank God, it doesn’t), which I am only capable of enjoying in very specific contexts.

    My reaction to seeing a post that I suspected I would not be tremendously interested in was to skim it for words that would catch my attention, and then to move on, which is why I had not looked at the comment. (I know, it’s kind of rude to say to someone, “Oh, I just wasn’t paying attention to what you said,” but I figure the rudeness is at least somewhat ameliorated by the fact that it’s a journal as opposed to a conversation, where my only excuse is that I can be a jerk.

    My (typically late-in-my-longwinded-post) point is that had I seen the comment, I would have been more than happy to attempt a verbal smackdown on that troll; however, since Howard has already done that better that I could, I’ll just do my best to send a psychic message to Ugh to at the very least follow my example: if you’re not interested, don’t read it.


  15. Mouth-breather?

    …There’s an entertainingly different term…

    And given my usual day at work, I’d be perfectly happy to go hunting this ‘Ugh’ troll. I even have a collection of edged weapons at my disposal, being a collector of melee weaponry…

  16. Re: If you looked like Ugh, you’d stay anonymous too…

    The sad thing is that he probably won’t come back to see all the just mockings of him.

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