I’ve run out of things to click on! I’ve already browsed through my comics and forums and live journals. Twice. I even closed my browser entirely and re-opened it in some subconscious belief that when it re-opened there would be something new. This is like munchy snack seeking behavior. Open Fridge. Nothing good there. Open cupboard. Nothing there either. Re-open fridge as if something will have materialized in the last 30 seconds.

I figure that by writing this entry at least I’ll get to click the “update journal” button and have something new happen. 😉

Clicky clicky.

16 thoughts on “Clicky”

  1. I feel your pain, Sandra.

    I’ve spent the last two days at home sick. On the upside, I have managed to read through the majority of the Schlock archives for the 6th time.

    What me, obsessed? Naaaah.


  2. You might be interested in clicking on the following link. My comic!


    (Knowing nothing about your tastes (other than Schlock) I should advise you that Scatterplot has some mildly crude language and is all-around probably rated web-14 (or whatever the equivalent is?).)

  3. oooooh I know! I know! hobby-surf!

    Hobby-surf – going to the hobbies & interests listed on your LJ profile page, clicking one, and seeing who else shares that interest, then visiting their page.

    Or visit the IRC channel, we’ll stroke you properly there 🙂

  4. You should see what sorts of odd things random links get you to – or what happens if you follow friends’ links all over, then jump into the interests or group lists. 😀

    If you want links though, I’d suggest trying something like for a mixture of cheesecake, humor, and what passes for drama in most webcomics.

  5. heh

    you’ve reached the end of the internet! no more to do other than close your browser and go out into the Big Blue Room 🙂

  6. I hate when that happens; it means I have to find something to do on myself instead of just blindly exploring the web. Grrr;P

  7. With Opera, it’s even worse. Because instead of having to go up to the refresh button and click it, I can just right-click and move the mouse quickly up and down, and it refreshes. Which I can do. And do. A lot.

    Things just don’t update enough, like my friends page and yahoo news. And by enough, I mean every 15 seconds.

  8. When I get bored…

    When I get bored at work (which is more and more lately as the company is slowly closing and there’s less to do each day), I pull up LJ and refresh repeatedly, hoping one of my friends will have been inspired to say something.

    Thank you for fulfilling me.



  9. I often click “refresh” on my friends list when I finish it, just to see if maybe someone’s posted while I was reading …. 🙂

  10. One of the nice things about having a paid account is the FriendsFriends page. If your Friends run out of new things their Friends haven’t.

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