One of the advantages of being married to your best friend is built in mood alleviation. When Howard comes home all stressed I try to do all I can to tell fun stories and be cheerful. When Howard comes home to find me all stressed he does the same thing. If we’re both cheerful that’s even better.

The problem comes when we’re both feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Then we create a negative feedback loop. I’m stressed and Howard’s stress worsens mine which worsens his . . . Those are not good evenings. Unfortunately it is the children who suffer with two grumpy parents and no one left to play good guy.

Not a good way to spend the evening before we’re apart for 9 days. Have I mentioned that I hate business travel? And I don’t even have to spend time on a plane.

10 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Then we create a negative feedback loop.

    I wonder… How long have you been married to a technology guy?

    Or have you always talked like that? 🙂

    I just wonder…

  2. Yes you should…

    Go spend time with the dear (and obviously saintly) woman who allows you to entertain us all with Schlock-ful goodness…


  3. I did.

    Right after posting I put the right pieces in motion to make this happen. I still have to go back to the office before the end of the day, but Sandra and I got a little more time together, and it was happier time.


  4. More than 10 years now. But he was a musician when I married him and now he’s a cartoonist.

    I also grew up in a family full of computer scientists and engineers.

  5. Re: I did.

    I like this live journal thing! I got extra Howard time because of it! Yay!

    Oh, and although today doesn’t end until midnight, I leave town in under 2 hours.

  6. Ditto that.

    I have to echo TPRJones’ sentiments here.

    But LiveJournals are a little like the sticky notes on the fridge – they can be short or long, meaningful or whimsical, and are a good way to communicat ehwne you don’t have the ability to do real-time interactions.

    The only problem with the notes on the fridge is that anyone who walks by can read them, unless you code ’em or something. But they’re useful nonetheless.

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