Movie night!

All the kids are abed and Buffy Season Six came in the mail today. I know what I’m going to do right now! Night all.

No Buffy Spoilers please! I haven’t seen this season yet.

6 thoughts on “Movie night!”

  1. There is no season after five.

    None. I disbelieve. She died; that was a sad end to a wonderful character who had a full, lively, and interesting five year arc AND THAT WAS ALL. mmmyep.


  2. That’s one of my favorite episodes! Creative, and very well done indeed. It’s the only CD I’ve bought in the past year.

    I, too, await your opinion.

  3. Happy movie night!

    I wish you lots of fun with this! And I totally agree that “Once more with feeling” is one of the best episodes ever. I have been listening to the audio cd of it for weeks while driving and it was VERY relaxing (at least for me … the people in nearby cars often looked at me very puzzled when I was singing along loudly ;).

    I can’t wait until they publish the DVD over here in Germany … *mutter*

  4. Mild, mild spoilers ahead.

    Damn skippy. Though I certainly don’t have any desire to spoil anything, I must say that addiction is not a topic every series should cover, if any of them. Also, some relationships are just. not. right.

    At least 7 tried to make up for 6.

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