Not about the kids . . . mostly

I just skimmed back through my journal and realize that it’s all full of kid-stuff. This mommy gig has really taken over my life. In fact in a recent conversation with Hawklady she asked about my hobbies and all of my aswers were in the form of: “Well I used to ( ), but I haven’t had time for it lately.” I was going to put a metaphor here that used the phrase “tendrils creeping through my life and taking over” but the metaphor engine seems to have seized up. I think you get the idea anyway.

I guess I’m just most comfortable talking about the kids. I know I can spin the words right to make things funny. It also helps that I have lots and lots of material to draw on. Finding other things to say is harder. For in-person conversations I can follow the lead of the other person or people. My preferred mode is to lurk and people watch. It’s one of the reasons (far from the only one) I find being married to Howard so nice. He does “outgoing” better than I do.

Anyway the point of all of this is that I intended to write an entry about something besides children. I guess I kind of did, but I think talking about being Mom is only just this side of the line.

So, um. . .Fandemonium! It’s coming up this August and I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be my first chance to meet in person some of the friends I’ve made online. A fact which will no doubt have me really nervous as the event gets closer, but right now it is comfortably 2 months off and so I can be excited without stress yet. Howard and I will be bringing along our Star Munchkin cards in hopes of rounding up a small group of people to play with. It is a really fun game. We may also bring along Falling and Give Me The Brain neither of which we’ve really had a chance to play yet, but which also look like lots of fun. Cards anyone?

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  1. Well, at least it didn’t end with the kids….

    Wish I could make it to Fandemonium, but work’s got me tied down but good. You ought to try to see if you can get one of the other attendees to use one of the blanks (IIRC, there should be one or two) to create you a new Munchkin card. 😀

    You know, I remember when they first introduced ‘Magic: the Gathering’ at school. And then I realize that I’ve still got that original set, including some of the stuff from the original edition. And then I feel ancient.

    Now where’d I leave my Metamucil…? 😉

  2. Re: Well, at least it didn’t end with the kids….

    Waitaminute… how’d my posting clock get set an hour back? I’m in the same bloody time zone as you, and my clock here says 20:51.

  3. Tricky Timing

    I think what happened is that I created my journal entry and uploaded it. Then I profread it. (Note to self: profread BEFORE submitting) I dove back in to fix some awkward wording and during that same time you read and commented. Then I submitted the newly edited version and it looked like you commented before my entry existed. Neat trick.

  4. Kid talk

    I have to say I enjoy your posts about the kids. They’re often humorous and fun to read. It’s also something I’m not exposed to often, given that I’m a 19 year old with no contact with small kids.

  5. Fandemonium

    Enjoy Fandemonium. Wish I could go, too. Think there’ll be prints of Howard’s cuddly Cthulu for sale (there or at Schlock)?

  6. For more fun…

    Find the card game “Mag Pulse”… some stuff you HAVE to make the sound effect for, or it doesn’t work…

    Much fun, but hard to find, since I don’t think they really make it anymore…

    A few gaming stores should have a box or two… you only need to buy one deck, and it’s a “normal desk” style game, ie, deal me 7, deal you seven, leave the stack to draw, instead of teh MtG style, where you each need a deck…

    And I love the kid-posts… It almost makes me wanna have a couple…

    Thankfully, the urge passes as soon as I see a kid in a store… 🙂

  7. We may also bring along Falling and Give Me The Brain neither of which we’ve really had a chance to play yet, but which also look like lots of fun. Cards anyone?

    Yes! Where’s your set of Fluxx? 🙂

  8. Hey, one conversation and now you feel you have to write a journal without kid-talk? That makes me what, an anti-muse?

    I’m trying to work things out for Fandemonium. TBD, all TBD. The main issue is money, since it’s 2300 miles by car which makes $350 airfare look super-attractive, but on top of airfare there’s rental car (cuz we’d make it a real vacation), hotel, husband, and so on, and that’s the part that always busts the budget.

    If I do just the con, and as a merchant (selling my buttons, and I’d talk with David about selling Plan 9 titles and wear my “In Loco Plan9tis” button), and have a lousy time so there’s obviously not an element of personal enjoyment there, then I can treat it as a business expense! Still, it’d be worth it to meet you.

    Will bring Munchkin cards. I’ve only played it once – weird! Halfling Wizard always wins, apparently?

  9. Actually more like a muse

    True, my conversation with you did inspire me to write a journal entry with no kids in it. Never fear, the kids are too much a part of my life to ever excise from my journal permanently. Besides, I enjoy writing about them and this is MY spot on the web. People who get bored don’t have to read, that’s fine with me.

    More important, since my conversation with you I actually started writing a story for the first time in years. I also sat down last night with my daughter’s oil pastels and did some drawings. That is also for the first time in years.

    Halfling Wizard always wins? Hmm. . . I’ve never played the original version of Munchkin, so I wouldn’t know. We’ve only got the Sci-fi version, Star Munchkin. So far it seems pretty well balanced. On the other hand mostly we’re playing with the kids which means the games are anything but cut-throat.

    Hope you can make Fandemonium, but don’t break the budget.

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