Day: July 16, 2004

Of mice and MRIs

That Valium the MRI people gave me really packed a punch. I do not remember large portions of today. Fortunately it has all worn off now and I’m back to my usual coherence. Or at least any incoherence I may posess is my own and not chemical. I’ll have MRI results next Tuesday.

In other news Howard and I had the joyful opportunity to chase a mouse around our family room last night. I heard little scrabbling noises in the toy cupboard and so I called Howard for reinforcements. We cleared the floor and located some containers with an idea of trying to herd the beasty. What we planned to do after we caught it I’ll never know because he snuck past while we weren’t looking and dove under our couch.

Howard then went around shoving blankets in all the door cracks to trap it in the room and I went to move the couch. Speedy Gonzales went running across the room to the laundry door. He discovered the blanket, jumped and scrabbled trying to find his exit hole and then took refuge underneath a large chair. We’d discovered the route to his home.

Howard attempted to set up a killing feild across the escape route with mousetraps (remnants of a mouse infestation last winter) Then we went to move the chair. No mouse. Speedy had fled somewhere. We had no idea where he’d gone, but we suspect he snuck under the blanket and into his laundry room home. Score one for the mouse.

His was a short victory. I set the trap in the laundry room and this morning Speedy was dead. A wise friend once told me “If you have a mouse you probably have more than one. If you have two mice, you definitely have more than two.” So I’m leaving baited traps around. We’ll see if Speedy has relatives. In the mean time I’m going to clean the toy chest thoroughly to see what snackish treasures the children left which lured Speedy and his relatives into our house in the first place.


I’m back from my MRI. Twas the least stressful yet. I started sleep deprived and tired. Then they gave me valium. All is haoppy now……. Wow, it’s hard to type. I think i need ot lie down.