It looks like I may have been volunteered to be on a panel at Fandemonium. The proposed topic is “Women who like science fiction and gaming” In order to prepare just in case the panel actually happens I posted a thread on Schlock Mercenary’s Nightstar forum. I was a little surprised to discover that there are people out there who consider gaming to be a “guy thing” in which women are only a distraction.

I guess it depends on why you’re playing. I can see how a group of guys would find it relieving to be away from women doing something that is fairly incomprehensible to them. They could tell jokes and roleplay scenarios that would be embarassing in the presence of women.

Is it bad that there is a part of me which wants to get into really good shape, dress really attractively (for maximum distraction), and crash their parties and then win all the games and walk away laughing? And yet in the end I don’t think I’d enjoy that nearly as much as I’d enjoy being treated as a person (instead of a Gurl) and really enjoying the game itself. Besides, I’d probably goof-up the vamping part and then lose miserably which wouldn’t have the same effect at all.

It has been a really long time since I’ve be able to role play properly. I haven’t been able to since Kiki was a baby because finding large stretches of time to play sans children is difficult. Playing with children in tow is pointless. The mommy function usurps all brain circuits and I can’t get into the game. Then there is the whole problem of finding a dedicated group to play with. I could somewhat solve that by hosting and GMing, but then there is all that set up work and planning for which I have no time.

Funny, until I started thinking about all this stuff I didn’t even realize I missed it.