Old game, new players

In a fit of nostalgia I ordered the basic three late 70’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons manuals through Amazon.com Marketplace. They arrived and I joyfully paged through the familiar friends: Dungeon Master’s Guide, Player’s Handbook, and Monster Manual. Then I got distracted and left them on the counter. Kiki found them. She imediately came asking what these books were. I briefly explained D&D to her at which point she declared “I want to play that game! I’ll be the Dungeon Master!”

It has been a week now and I have totally failed to make clear to her how impossible it is for someone who has never played the game to be in charge of it. She keeps drawing maps and bringing them to me. And she keeps ordering me to work on a dungeon so that she can play. Fortunately this fits right in with my nefarious plan of getting the kids hooked on role playing games. Unfortunately finding the time and brainspace to create a dungeon is going to be tricky. Especially with that little voice at the back of my head who keeps muttering about “productive uses of time.” I just need to figure out how to convince that voice that this will be useful to my children’s education, he’s all in favor of that.