Link’s Surgery

Link’s surgery went far better than expected. The hospital staff kept handing him cool things to play with so that he was happy and busy throughout the check in process. The fact that his bed had wheels and the wheeled the whole thing down the hall was so entertaining he hardly even said goodbye as they wheeled him away. That was a good thing because it meant that I didn’t cry either and I fully expected to.

Link came back groggy and disoriented. During the post-op observation time Link asked when I was going to say goodbye. He hadn’t even realized that we were done. Then he asked to see the adenoids that had been removed. Somehow I didn’t think it would be a good idea so I didn’t even pass the request on to the nurse who would almost certainly have denied it.

Before we left Link’s nurse asked me if I were a nurse. That amused me. Apparently I seemed medically competant and coolheaded enough that she thought I worked in the medical field. That made me feel pretty good.

Link was on codeine as they released us and incapable of walking straight, so he got to ride in a wheelchair. He thought that was really cool. In fact he was ready to take the wheelchair home with us and only a promise of a video store visit staved off the threatening tears when he learned that wasn’t possible.

Drugged child in Blockbuster. That was amusing.

I came home to find that my sister-in-law had cleaned up my whole house, folded laundry, and made sugar cookies with Gleek and Kiki. I need to figure out a way to have THAT happen again without the surgery. 😉