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January 2005
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Birthday– The day after

My birthday is over for another year. I’ve successfully reached 32 years old and I’m headed for 33. This is good because I certainly wouldn’t want to go backwards and give up all the stuff I’ve learned.

Today put on my new ear rings and sang Les Miserables at the top of my voice while stowing away puzzles and books and DVDs and new kitchen implements. Thus all the gifts have been scattered to their appropriate locations. At first I was a little saddened by this disbursment of my birthday celebration, but then I realized that every time I come across ANY of the things that were given to me yesterday I’ll get to relive some of the joy I felt yesterday. Having little dollops of joy spread through the house isn’t a bad thing.

Howard gave me all the names that are associated with the gifts so that I can write Thank You notes. There was only one name I recognized (Thanks bbullock). I probably know some of the rest by their online names, but most of them were simply Schlock fans who have never been near this journal. They were sending me presents in appreciation for the work that Howard does on Schlock. It makes me feel good to know that Howard is creating something that touches so many people. It makes me feel good to support that effort. In all, today is a happy place to be.

10 comments to Birthday– The day after

  • You do yourself some injustice here, dear Ms. Tayler. Some of us have come to know you, for yourself — through your writings, and (for a fortunate subset of us) from meeting you in person.

    In most of those cases likely to see you here, your talented husband was the catalyst for the meeting or introduction. This does not mean he gets permanent credit for your doings. Your writings, your “thinking out loud” here and yuor descriptions of the processes that get you through your challenges are uniquely your own.

    New friends are coming to cherish this; I suspect that no one is sending you birthday stuff just to make Mr. Tayler happy. Relax, accept, and enjoy. And remember, just because someone doesn’t post here doesn’t mean they don’t read your writings.

    You have your own circle, and it is expanding. I am pleased to be counted as part of it.

    Best wishes!

    ===|==============/ Level Head

  • Dollops of joy are always good, so long as they don’t mess the carpet.


  • You must be thinking of some other kind of dollop, because Joy only makes things brighter and cleaner.

  • I must be thinking of mustard or bbq sauce then. Close enough. 🙂

  • You’re welcome. And, while I appreciate the thought on your’s and Howard’s behalf, you don’t need to send a note or art. Spreading happiness and joy, that’s what I’m here for.
    Now, you need to tell us when Howard’s birthday is and provide a link to his Amazon wish list so we can open fire on him…

  • Howard’s birthday is February 29 and his wishlist is here:

    I need to figure out a way to get that news out to a wider audience though. I’m not sure if I could manage to hijack the Open Letter. Perhaps forums and LiveJournals and IRC will just have to do.

  • Hi Sandra,

    I’ll willingly publish the date and wish list around the EMEA GroupWise community.


  • Thanks!

    That would be wonderful! Since I’m the one who answers the door I can squirrel away any packages and maybe even surprise him with them.

  • Hee, hee. That’s right, I remember Howard talking about his birthday last year. He is but a lad of four, or something like that. How did it go in “Pirates of Penzance?”
    Well, I could post it, but only you read my journla. Try slipping it into Schlock Troops. Repeatedly.

  • Yup Howard turned 9 last year. Kiki was delighted that she and her daddy were the same age.

    Schlocktroops is a great idea. I’ll add it to my hit list.