Christmas Day

We spent less than $100 on Christmas this year. I’ve been gleaning things from garage sales and thrift stores and give aways all year so that I could pull that off. My mother also conspired with me to make sure that her gifts were things that the kids would love, but that we couldn’t afford to buy.

Last night I spread everything out and it looked skimpy and shabby to me. I was worried. Or at least part of me was worried, the other part was reassuring me that the kids would be happy. The other part was right. I am once again reminded that kids don’t care about “new” as much as parents might think. They care about fun. I picked things that they will enjoy greatly both today and throughout the next year.

It has been a good day. Now we are all tired out and I’m ready to put all the kids to bed. Sleeeep.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day”

  1. I couldn’t imagine spending so little for christmas. I spent that much on my brother’s present alone (Used gamecube $85, FF Crystal Chronicles $10 and a stack of GC games I had already finished.) If you don’t count my wife’s presents, it came to about $250. With hers it was more like $1900. 🙁

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