Counting up

The dragons that I made for the kids have been getting lots of use. Link informed me that he has given his dragon his own middle name. Link further informed me that this meant we have 10 family members, 6 humans and 4 dragons. After a moment he adjusted this count up to 11, because he couldn’t leave out Kiki’s lone surviving science project mealworm. Kiki heard this count and declared we must also inculde the pet hamster who escaped about a month ago. Kiki is convinced that this hamster is happily living in our walls and is therefore still a member of our family. So I guess we’ve got 12 “people” living here. I’m just glad that half of them don’t require much in the way of food. My grocery budget would be shot.

5 thoughts on “Counting up”

  1. How are you going to manage to keep the dragons in maidens? That’ll do strange things to the budget. (Unless you find a lot of Barbies at the thrift store.)

    Sorry, I think this is just low blood sugar – I’ll go away now…

  2. We do that every so often… four people, six cats, three dogs and three mice just at the moment. I argued with Emily last week that we did indeed have to count the mice even though she and I never see them. (I still have to buy mouse food… they count, darn it!)

  3. Gee, you make a really good point. I have to stop believing the advertising. (Or maybe I was just enjoying the image of feeding her to the dragons…)

  4. Oh, it was definitely the image of feeding her to the dragons… I’m all for that… think we could come up with a sauce that would make her taste like a maiden?

    (And just how does a maiden taste?… Just like chicken? And no x-rated comments please. Don’t go there- just don’t.)

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