A Little Bit Exhausted

Being a little bit exhausted is an oxymoron really. Exhaustion is all-encompassing. It takes over the whole body and demands that it be attended to before any more effort is expended. I can feel the exhaustion there. It threatens to break through and take me over, but I’m holding it back and getting things done. This probably means I’m actually nowhere near true exhaustion. But it feels like I am. I’ve been working during most of my waking hours since Monday. My list of to do items is not getting shorter. It keeps expanding in the middle because of last minute scramble-to-get-this-done-in-time-for-GenCon things. It also expands due to not-quite-so-last-minute-but-still-urgent WorldCon things and the must-plan-ahead-for-Dragon*Con things. Then there are the neglected household things and the ramping-up-to-a-new-school-year things. I’m pretty sure that most of the urgency will shake out of the list by the time Howard leaves for GenCon on Tuesday. It’s all a little overwhelming, so I try not to think about it en masse. Instead I focus on today’s list and hope that by the end of the day I have nothing that rolls over into tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit Exhausted”

    1. No. He flies to GenCon Tuesday night so that he can spend all day on Wednesday setting up the booth. The show opens on Thursday and runs through Sunday afternoon. Howard will spend Sunday evening breaking down the booth before crashing into a dazed stupor. He flies home Monday.

  1. Wish I could go to GenCon (for several reasons, but seeing Howard is in the top 3), but I’ve got a wedding to attend in Denver, and my mother an I are making a road-trip of it, leaving Monday.


    I must make arrangements to attend the next book party…

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