Staring at Another Busy Week

My list is full of urgent tasks. I am supposed to be ignoring them because it is Sunday and I don’t work on Sunday. Except that somehow I slid into working today without meaning to. Oh I didn’t ship orders or do accounting, but I did answer a business email. Howard and I have had a dozen conversations about business things relating to merchandise or upcoming conventions. I spent an hour updating Howard’s electronic calendar to reflect all of his GenCon events. And I was supposed to pack his suitcase today. I know these things don’t belong in my Sunday. I do a much better job of keeping my Sundays holy when I’m not scrambling to keep up.

However, I spent three hours at church. During those hours I listened to speakers and lessons. I felt my heart open and some of my pathway in the weeks to come felt a little more clear. I also wrote down even more things which I need to not forget to do. I always emerge from church with a list of To Do. The good news is that at least 50% of that list was about house, family, and spirituality. The bad news is that my ever-expanding list expanded yet again. Top on that list was taking Kiki driving. We’re running out of time on her permit and she needs to take her road test soon. I did that first. Then I sat down with my kids and watched the Sci Fi movie classic The Cat from Outer Space. They loved it. If you add in two family meals, the total is 7 hours where my focus was on family and spirituality. This is good, but it is not the same as having a whole peaceful sabbath day. I was hoping to spend time working on my Hugo dress or on the guest blog entry which I have 90% percolated in my head. Perhaps I’ll get to them later this evening, if I don’t run out of evening.

Want to see my list?
Sunday July 31
Write guest blog
Editing on 2010 photobook
water plants
Pack Howard for GenCon
Closet and cubby organization
Assign toy cupboard cleaning
Trim and Hem skirt
Cut and sew new sleeves
Monday Aug 1
Create coupon
Learn Howard’s blogging tools
Have kids pick outing for while Howard is gone
Price Sheet for GenCon
Travel book for GenCon
Update Swipe
Return library books
Double check Kiki’s school credits
Look up embroidered patches
Send out Queries
Tuesday Aug 2
(empty because I know that half of Sunday’s and Monday’s things will land here.)
Take Howard to airport
Wednesday Aug 3
Make Table raisers for WorldCon
Table drape and staple gun for WorldCon
Booth Schedule for WorldCon
Price List for WorldCon
Table dressing for WorldCon
Collect product for WorldCon
Assemble magnet sets and Bundles
Dry clean tuxedo
Read for Writer’s group
Thursday Aug 4
Sewing Hugo dress
Sew kid clothing repairs
kid outing?
Friday Aug 5
(Currently empty because half of the stuff above will land here.)
Kiki’s friends come over?

Not included on this list: three meals per day. Kid chores. House chores. Random questions and needs. The dispensing of bandaids. Daily shipping of Schlock store merchandise. Answering customer support emails. Fielding phone calls from Howard because he needs me to look something up for him while he is at GenCon. And sitting staring at the walls because my brain is tired.

This is a busy time. All the things we are busy with are things for which I am exceedingly grateful. So even though I’m complaining a little in this post, I’m not in any way unhappy with the things on my plate.