Cliche and Shopping

Yesterday I took my daughters for a mother daughter shopping trip. We were out for hours, had a marvelous time, and came home with big bags of new things. I say new, but since we spent most of the time at at thrift store, the things were only new to us. This does not diminish the delight of my girls at their new things. Today I realized that my emotional reserves were empty and that I needed some time by myself. I didn’t need to be physically alone, though that would have worked, what I needed was to reside in spaces where I got to direct my steps without negotiation and where no one expected anything of me. I went shopping again, because that long trip with my daughters was all focused on them. I’ve long had wardrobe gaps to fill and worn out clothing to replace.

I remember our truly lean years. During those years we could not afford to buy clothing that cost more than $1 per item and then only if we really needed it. I shopped the thrift stores on dollar days and thought longingly of the days when I could buy $6 clothing on a whim. I thought about that as I wheeled my cart full of $4-$7 items to the check out stand. I am truly fortunate.

The goddess of shopping smiled upon me and my daughters these past two days. We each had a wishlist and each of us found something perfect to match it. This also held true at the clearance shoe section of Target. I can now pack for WorldCon feeling more confident and a little sheepish that part of my confidence is dependent upon clothing. Feeling like I look good makes me stand taller and walk stronger. This is true even though I might wish that all my confidence welled up from within.

5 thoughts on “Cliche and Shopping”

  1. Ha ha! A fellow frugalite. I remember once telling someone the exact same thing: “Broke isn’t when you’re shopping clearance or thrift stores. Broke is when you’re shopping the clearance AT the thrift stores.”

    I’m glad you scored some awesome duds at a great price. That always feels so fabulous. Will we get to see your scores?

    (PS: It’s interesting how people communicate different things. From Howard’s tweets and comments on WE, I would’ve guessed guys were makin’ bank. It was nothing he ever said, it was just an impression I got. I didn’t even realize I had that impression until I read this post. Here, your posts reflect caution and precision and the need to still watch the pennies. It’s so interesting how different people can see or experience or communicate the same experience differently.)

    1. We do really well, but only sporadically. This means we have to make careful choices about spending so that the money lasts in the sometimes long lulls in between doing really well.

      If you click here you can see what I got. The shirt and pocket watch necklace are new. Everything else I had. I love the undercover steampunk of it, particularly in the (hard to see) broken clock earrings.

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