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January 2012
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Office Project in Process

I’ve been nattering on about my office and I finally have some visuals to share.
This is the view from my desk chair facing the opposite side of the room.

You can see the serious lack of organization on the bookshelves and the fact that there simply were not enough shelves for the quantities of books. All of that stuff went into boxes. Then the shelves were moved out of the way. It revealed a bare and boring wall.

That’s okay though. Because the next step was to make the wall go away.

From the chaos of debris, you can infer exactly how much fun my kids had helping me destroy the wall. I recommend wall removal as a family activity, but only if you really want the wall gone. For the first time I can actually see what my enlarged office is going to look like. That back wall is going to be covered in wall-mounted bookshelves. It will be my library. In front of it will be a couch. But first we have to figure out how to remove the remainders of the wall and find someone to help us do framing and drywall work.

3 comments to Office Project in Process

  • when i used to live in Montreal we were renovating the house and i can assure you breaking walls down is funner that any disneyland resort ive ever been to…long live the sledge-hammer

  • Sonictail

    So that was just a storage space beside the stairs that was never fitted or had a door? Looks like you have the right idea, looking forward to seeing the finished project!