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February 2012
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Howard’s Birthday

At some point this year I’ll have spent half my life hanging out with Howard. It’s been the best half. Happy Birthday honey! Let’s go have some sushi.

Remnant Population, Hearths, Transformation, and Travel

Last week I re-read Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon. It is a book I’ve loved for years. This was the first book that taught me being old could be interesting and wonderful in some ways. The book examines the ways that the elderly are de-valued and why they should not be. It also has fascinating […]

Three Quick Updates

On Wednesday we’ll be running a sale in our store to celebrate Howard’s birthday. We’ll be discounting deeper than usual and featuring the numbers 11 (the number of birthday’s Howard has had), 29 9the date on which he was born), and 44 (how many years he’s been around.) This means that today and tomorrow will […]

After the Dance

Kiki came home smiling. The boy walked her to the door, both to say goodnight and to retrieve his suit jacket which she was still wearing. She gave him the jacket and apologized for the silver glitter stuck to it. Her shining dress had an infinite supply of sparkles to shed on every surface it […]

Events of the Day

Today I:

Waved to my neighbor of six years as she drove her boys away from the house next to mine, which is no longer hers. She paused long enough for us to exchange a hug through the window of her car. I felt bad that my day had been full of things which did […]

In Which I Share My To Do List

This week and next week are filled up with deadlines. Many of them are self imposed, but sticking to them is important because some of them aren’t. Some things I have to get out of the way so that I can focus on other things. Other things need to be done so that we have […]

Stationery Box for Correspondence

I’ve been really enjoying participating in the Month of Letters Challenge. So much fun, that I have every intention of continuing to write letters even after February ends. However I did find that I needed a better way to store and manage my correspondence. I needed to be able to pick it up and carry […]

A Morning of Good News

My sister, Nancy Fulda, has been nominated for a Nebula award. I’m so glad because Nancy works really hard and the nominated story is exceptionally beautiful. I hope that Nancy has a lovely time at the Nebula awards weekend and really wish I could be there with her. However I know she’ll be just fine […]

Weekend Gifts

Went on a walk a week or more ago and took my camera with me. There was a bed full of dried up plants, weedy and broken. When I stepped closer, I saw this.

Add one to the count of small lovely things in the world.

In other news, I spent the weekend hostessing […]

LTUE Panel notes: Schmoozing 101 / Learning skills for networking, blogging, social media, and self-promotion

In writing up my panel notes for LTUE I become very aware of how much simply can not be conveyed in a text-only medium. This panel was a two-hour interactive lecture run by Mary Robinette Kowal and me. There is real power in a live lecture. It allows a group of people to build a […]