Weekend Gifts

Went on a walk a week or more ago and took my camera with me. There was a bed full of dried up plants, weedy and broken. When I stepped closer, I saw this.

Add one to the count of small lovely things in the world.

In other news, I spent the weekend hostessing for my brother and his family. With nine children and four adults, most of my days revolved around cooking and cleaning up after cooking. Everyone pitched in to help, but for the most part I handled it. This is fine because sometimes I get to land on my sister in law with all of my kids. It is rather nice to be able to give a break to a pair of stressed parents who don’t often get one.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Gifts”

  1. I was just skimming through your archives for a post I wanted to email to a friend who’s having a problem I thought your post could help, and I ran across your post about finally thinking of something to draw to represent yourself in high school and settling on a dandelion puff because the puffs would float away and not be boxed in. It was a great image…and so is this one!

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