In Which I Share My To Do List

This week and next week are filled up with deadlines. Many of them are self imposed, but sticking to them is important because some of them aren’t. Some things I have to get out of the way so that I can focus on other things. Other things need to be done so that we have money to pay bills. Then there are the things for the kids, who are the point of all the bill paying. All of this leaves little space for leisurely blog thoughts. Instead I present a list of things I need to do in the next seven days:
Create panel layouts, tag, catalog, and pack up art for the Lunacon art show.
Mail those packages to Lunacon
Determine if there will be a vendor at Lunacon to sell Howard’s books
Pack and mail books to that vendor
Fix broken images in the latest iteration of Sharp End of the Stick (SEOS)
Comb through SEOS making copy edits and evening out the strips
Put pipe boxes around all the SEOS footnotes
Place margin art in all of the SEOS white spaces
Assemble the SEOS cover
Test print SEOS
Clean my house
Do all the laundry
Plan for two birthdays next week
Scan art for ebay auctions
prepare ebay listings
Prep store for Howard’s 24 hour birthday sale
Monitor homework times
Help a gaggle of girls do their hair for a formal dance
Update Accounting
Take my 5th grader to a city council meeting
Critiques for writers group
Meet with my presentation partner and plan for our master class in May
Spend social time with family and friends

Things which almost certainly don’t fit this week, but need to happen as soon as possible:
Learn options for shipping software
Layout family photo books
Layout my annual One Cobble book
Layout a blog sampler book and design an actual cover for it

I’m hoping that by the time we get Howard on a plane to Lunacon SEOS will be off to the printer, the buffer will be building back up, the house will be clean, and all my other projects will be moving along nicely.