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March 2012
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How I Spent My Conference Saturday: A Report of an Ordinary Day

General Conference Saturday is the day when I turn on the radio and work at some project while I listen to the elders of my church teach about true principles and how to be better people. This time I decided that my project would be a major re-organization effort in Gleek’s room. She hoards things. […]

Gleek’s Hat

Gleek’s class has been studying the Civil War this past month. Her teacher divided the class into Union and Confederate according to which notable figure about whom they had to write a report. Part of her purpose was to really bring home how hard a civil war is because it divides something that once was […]

Some Days Parenting is Hard

Some days, weeks even, parenting just makes me tired. I’m not talking physically exhausted or sleepy, though that happens too. I’m talking about facing my children’s needs and feeling like they gape out in front of me like the grand canyon. I have to take this small person next to me and get us over […]

Contemplating My Hats

We were in the middle of a pre-convention stress-fest. Howard had a pile of priorities and worries, I had a different set of priorities and worries. Both of us needed to be two people in order to get everything done and discovered that neither of us could solve problems by handing them to the other. […]

Errands, Bravery, and Cleaning Up

Yesterday was constructed entirely out of errands. When I rattled off the list to Howard, his response was “I’m glad that’s your day and not mine.” So I dropped papers off, I returned unwanted purchases, I had the vacuum cleaner repaired, I went grocery shopping. Through my town and hours I wended until the twisty […]

Things Not Said

“Hundreds of parents walking past this spot and not one of them asking her what’s wrong. Which means, they already know and it’s something they don’t talk about.” –Doctor Who, The Beast Below

I’ve been re-reading most of my blog entries from 2011 as I place them into the layout for my 2011 One Cobble […]

In Which I Scatter My Thoughts into Text: Writing, Collages, Cover Concepts, and a Day of Errands

I just sent off my draft to readers and I’m now completely convinced that it is full of stupid, that the whole blog sampler book idea is stupid, that my blog itself is also stupid. Fortunately I’ve been a writer long enough (and I’ve hung around other writers long enough) to know that this is […]

Project Fugue

Rather unexpectedly my two days of drifting after sending SEOS off to the printer transformed into several days of driven project fugue. I discovered all of my creative energies and spare moments spent upon pulling together my 2011 One Cobble at a Time book. While I was doing it, I identified a pile of blog […]

My Projects and Lists for Saturday

Last night I went to bed with a list of things I was excited to get done today. So I bounced out of bed at 9 am to get started. I began with a trip to Home Depot to buy some cobbles. I came home with cobble-ish pavers. I’ll probably have to go to a […]

Spring Day

My heart always lightens when I can step outside my front door and see flowers in bloom.

The crocus always comes first. I love crocus because it is the promise of spring to come. Hyacinths are next.

They fill the air with fragrance. Soon I will have daffodils. Then tulips. Then lilacs. I […]