What I want and need to do this week is ignore everything but the work I have to do on book layout. I want to dive in, hyper focus, and only come up for air when the project is done. That is not going to happen. Instead I have an endless stream of small but important interruptions. There are social appointments which must be kept, laundry I must do, dinners to make, etc. My time is more consolidated now than when the kids were little, but still interrupted. If Howard’s schedule were free, he would step in to do all these things, but he’s scrambling as hard to meet his deadlines as I am to meet mine. But I’d hoped to clear away everything but the bare minimum of obligations. I’d hoped that most everything could coast along on routine and I could pick up the pieces next week. Instead I’m headed over to my son’s school this afternoon to talk with a teacher about something she said to him. Her words, combined with some missed assignments, plunged him into feeling like a complete failure. I can’t let a child in crisis coast for a week while I work. This has to be sorted now. I need to help him pull the right lesson out of the emotional mess and learn how to work his way through. He will, because he is far more amazing than he realizes. The crisis is going to teach him good lessons and he will grow. I just wish we could help him grow next week instead of this one.