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April 2012
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Cobble Stones, Storymakers Conference, and a Book Signing in Washington D.C.

One of my March projects was pulling together a sampler book of blog entries. I’ve now got my advance copies and can be reasonably confident that what I’ve got is ready to sell.

If you want to pre-order your copy of Cobble Stones, just click through to our store. I’m taking pre-orders. The […]

A Prayer for the Coming Week

May this week contain a full measure of mental calmness to go with the long to do list. May the lilacs keep blooming and scenting the air with loveliness. May my presentations be inspired enough to be useful to those who hear them. May my children have a week with no new emotional crises. May […]

I Keep My Brain in My Office

I am very tired today and I have learned an important thing about myself; I store parts of my brain function in the organizational structure of my house. Once I got the correct desk installed in my office and set up my computer on it, much of my inability to prioritize vanished. This effect increased […]

Volunteer Auxiliary Brains

My friend called me this morning. “Do you need help? Can I help you with stuff?” Such was my state of mind that I was able to identify that I could probably use help, but I needed to ask Howard what help I could most use. Howard told me to haul my friend with me […]

The Thoughts I Think at 3:30 A.M. When I am not Asleep

It is 3:30 a.m. and I lie in bed worrying that I bought the wrong table at IKEA. It is an irrational worry. I know this, but in the drifting space between waking and sleeping logic is disconnected. I got a table to be my new work desk, but when I got it here I […]

Tiny Pretty Things

Because someone, possibly me, needs some tiny pretty things today. I give you a flower.

This tiny berry plant looks almost like strawberries. They were growing like weeds, taking over my parent’s back lawn.

This moth was quite happy to let me photograph while he napped.

This is not tiny, just pretty. […]

The Smell of Lilac

My house smells of lilacs. I need to remember this because it is a lovely thing. The bushes are blooming outside our window and a fan brings the smell into the house. I need this small loveliness because I haven’t yet unpacked the emotional baggage from my trip, and there is no time to unpack […]

In My Absense

The fear is that when I step out of my regular life, stop doing all the things I do daily, that everything will fall apart. Sometimes it does happen that way. I go out for an evening and get endless calls on my cell phone to mediate conflicts between siblings. After the fourth call I […]

Grandma in the Hospital

If you’ve ever seen the movie Driving Miss Daisy, that’s a good place to start for picturing my grandma. She’s a feisty, cranky, southern lady who is accustomed to giving orders and having them obeyed. Only now she’s ninety-two years old and in a hospital where decisions are made for her all day long. She […]

A Trip, A River, and Painting Wood Trim

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow. This was not in my plans for the week, but my plans don’t matter so much when my Grandma goes back to the hospital. My brain is a mess of simultaneous thoughts.

I want to go hug my grandma. I want to be there for my parents and offer […]