Gleek’s Hat

Gleek’s class has been studying the Civil War this past month. Her teacher divided the class into Union and Confederate according to which notable figure about whom they had to write a report. Part of her purpose was to really bring home how hard a civil war is because it divides something that once was whole. This method is tricky to pull off without actually damaging the social structure of the class, but Gleek’s teacher manages to do it year after year. To help designate the students, she gives each of them a hat Confederate gray or Union blue. Gleek loved her hat. She talked about her hat at home many times. Today the war ended and Gleek got to bring home her precious hat. I also give a ride home to Gleek’s classmate. These two girls with their hats climbed into the car and Patch began to wilt a little. He did not have a hat and it was sad. I watched him hunch further in his seat and then Gleek spoke up.
“I have a hat for you. A boy in my class didn’t want his, so I asked if I could have it.”
Patch sat up in delight and the hat was retrieved from Gleek’s backpack. A simple thoughtful act from Gleek made Patch’s day, and mine.

4 thoughts on “Gleek’s Hat”

  1. Isn’t it nice when one sees the fruit of one’s labors? Children are after all, a product of our endeavors, (or the lack there of)!

  2. My son still has his hat. That class was a great experience for him and the hat is a symbol of that period in his life.

  3. Congratulations to both you, Howard, and Gleek on learning one of the true lessons’s in life a smile is worth every penny. Oh, and the best ones are not denominated in cash.

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