LTUE The Morning Before

I woke up this morning convinced that all the work I did yesterday was done wrong and that our vendor tables at LTUE would be an absolute disaster as a result. Fortunately I’ve put together enough convention appearances to know that this is normal. I always feel this way at some point pre-convention and then everything works out fine. Howard rides his own pre-convention emotional roller coaster and sometimes our coasters collide a little bit. This is one of the challenges of being married to your business partner. I’ll be talking about that kind of thing with a team of other experienced people at noon today.

Noon: Collaborating with a Family Member

2 PM: Feeling Fake: What to do about that pervasive feeling that everyone belongs in the publishing world except you

So, both of my panel topics today address things that I’ve dealt with just this morning. Hopefully it will all go well. The full LTUE schedule can be found here. Howard and I are most likely to be found in the dealer’s room underneath the big Schlock Mercenary banner.