A Morning of Good News

My sister, Nancy Fulda, has been nominated for a Nebula award. I’m so glad because Nancy works really hard and the nominated story is exceptionally beautiful. I hope that Nancy has a lovely time at the Nebula awards weekend and really wish I could be there with her. However I know she’ll be just fine because that Nebula nominee list is full of amazing people who will welcome her warmly. Besides, I get to have Nancy come to my house later in the summer, so I’ll not feel jealous of a single weekend.

In separate news, my story “The Road Not Taken” is featured today on the Mormon Lit Blitz at Mormonartist.net. One way to really understand a culture is to study the stories they tell to each other. Over the past week and through the end of February, Mormon Artist will be featuring new stories, essays, and poems written by Mormons to a Mormon audience. Feel free to stop by, either to study or to participate in the community. Once all the stories have been posted, there will be voting for a prize. I know the good folks at the Mormon Lit Blitz would love to have as many voting participants as possible. Participation is why they’ve spent so much effort putting this literature blitz together. I am grateful for their hard work.

5 thoughts on “A Morning of Good News”

  1. I love this story–a person literally divided against herself. You did such a good job of using the little things that divide a whole person. Delicious awkwardness. It hurt my heart–which means I loved it.

    1. Since we’re #4 and #5 out of seven, I’m not sure you can blame the water. A surreptitious sibling rivalry was a significant factor during our growing years. Even with four years head start, it was hard to stay ahead of her. From her perspective she had to go fast to catch up. Somewhere in our twenties we realized how silly it was to feel threatened by each other and switched to being glad instead.

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