Events of the Day

Today I:

Waved to my neighbor of six years as she drove her boys away from the house next to mine, which is no longer hers. She paused long enough for us to exchange a hug through the window of her car. I felt bad that my day had been full of things which did not include helping carry things from her house or scrubbing the fixtures which are staying. We’ll still see them. They haven’t gone far yet, but it is different.

Packed a bag full of cosmetics, curling irons, hair products, and bobby pins. Then I went to the house of one of Kiki’s friends where four girls were getting ready for a formal dance. I assisted in creating beautiful hair until I was coated with a layer of hair spray and my hands were sticky with mousse. The results were lovely.

Took a call from Howard in which he informed me that his Volkswagon Beetle had been rear-ended. The damage is minor, but will definitely have to be repaired. So come Monday morning I’ll be taking over communicating with insurance companies so that Howard can focus on work. By evening Howard was feeling stiff and had crashed down off of the adrenaline from the accident. I stood in the kitchen and listened to him as he sorted the thoughts in his head.

Did not get nearly as much done as I’d intended to do. I mailed packages and began laundry. I did a little computer work and sprayed bleach on the mildew attempting to colonize a corner of our bathroom. I did none of the de-cluttering I’d intended.

All that remains is waiting up for my daughter to arrive home and then getting to bed.

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  1. Today was a day of not getting done what I’d hoped for. But many other things were finished so I’ll be contented and try again tomorrow. Wishing you lots of happy in the days to come.

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