Nebula Weekend Day Two: The National Mall

I have many thoughts about the things I saw during this day, so this post will only serve as a quick overview of the day as a whole. (Also I forgot to bring my camera cable, so I can only use the pictures I took on my phone and emailed to myself.)

I began my day at the National Museum of Art. Entrance is free, but they will peek into every bag you carry with you. All the things in the National Mall are free, it is a reminder that all these things belong to all American Citizens equally. Most museums discourage photography, the National museums encourage it. Of course you can take pictures, these things belong to everyone. So I snapped away.

I love how grouchy these lions are in Reubens’ Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Sure they didn’t eat Daniel, but they are not happy about it. Apparently Reubens had a thing for lions. He’d spend hours in the zoo drawing them.

I love this gentleman’s messy office. I also love that Willard thought it worth painting.

Then, of course, I have the obligatory up-close and stand-back shots of impressionist art. It is like magic the way that image appears from mess.

I also have the obligatory photographs of D.C. monuments.

I spent most of the day wandering the Mall solo. I ate ice cream, got sunburned, and then navigated the Metro system without getting lost. I feel quite accomplished. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to spool out my more complex thoughts and upload my more carefully composed photos to explain why this trip means so much to me.