Settling in for the Summer

A good routine flows naturally. I currently have all the pieces of a good summer routine, but I’ve yet to actually apply it for more than a few days in a row. In theory today was the first in a long run of days which will be run by the summer routine. It went pretty well, but not perfectly. The kids were easily distracted from their summer chores. I was easily distracted by internet things. I also struggled a bit with prioritization. Many tasks were set aside during shipping and now I need to catch up on them all. I had to figure out which tasks had become urgent, which could stay on the back burner, which things were making life feel out of kilter, and which things were tasks I’d assigned to myself unnecessarily. So far so good.

I think that the next couple of days I’m going to run primarily by instinct rather than list. When things are crazy busy my lists save me. However there are also times when the lists become a narrow focus and prevent me from seeing what really matters. I’ll still be busy all day long. I’ll still get lots of things done, but it feels different in my head.