Kitty is Dismayed

Niece7 and Nephew5 arrived the other evening, the influx of little voices caused our cat to bolt upstairs and ask to go out. She knows that little voices are accompanied by little hands. Fortunately for her the problem of small people interested in cats is a familiar one. Gleek is not so little, but frequently wants to love our cat more than our cat would prefer. We’ve set up designated safe zones, places where the cat is to be left alone: Howard’s office, her basket, the chair in my office. Many times I’ve seen her dash to one of these places and hunker in them very deliberately, rather like a child reaching home base in a game of hide and seek.

“See. I’m in the safe place. No touching.”

From her safe places, our cat likes people. She watches or just hangs out nearby. She particularly likes sleep next to people who are working quietly on computers. That way people are readily available for petting, should she want some, or door duty, should she desire to go out. Normally our house is the perfect haven for her. Summer is a bit harder with her increased exposure to bored children who have ideas about snuggling. This new influx of extra small people has her dismayed. last night the door to Howard’s office was closed, she batted at it with a paw until I opened it for her. She’s also identified Howard, Kiki, and I as people who will make the small ones give her space. She hovers near one of us whenever she is indoors. As a system, it works. Soon the extra small people will end their visit and our kitty will not spend so much time being dismayed. Until then, she’ll be in my office hiding on her favorite chair.