Things Done and the Sound of Crickets

There is a chorus of crickets outside my window. I like them much better than the nest of hornets next to my front door. The crickets can stay. I’m trying to figure out how to eradicate the hornets since they’ve burrowed under the front porch in a way that I can’t spray the nest. I shall have to get creative tomorrow.

When I was not pondering hornets, I spent time cleaning my house and planning for GenCon. This first of the summer conventions hits in only three weeks. It seems like a long time, unless I need to ship merchandise inexpensively and have it arrived before the convention does. So this is my week of thinking ahead. While I have my thoughts wrapped around convention planning, I’ve also put some thought into WorldCon, which has different, but similar, requirements. I’ve got a list of people to contact and things to ship.

In many ways today was one long exercise in avoidance. The secret to getting a lot done is to have something else that I don’t want to do. I didn’t want to think about summer conventions, so I cleaned and focused on the guests in my house. But then I got tired of cleaning, so spent time contemplating hornets. Then it was time to make dinner, and in order to do that, my brain snapped into business gear and I planned all sorts of things about the upcoming summer conventions. Fortunately my sister made dinner while I was busy, so it was all good.

Now I’m sitting here in the evening with a long list of house cleaning chores, business tasks, and social plans, all of which I somehow think will fit into tomorrow. It won’t, but while I listen to the pleasant chirp of the crickets, I can imagine that it will fit. And the truth is that enough of it will fit that things will be fine. So I close my eyes and listen to the crickets.