After a Good Christmas

Morning dawned on the day after Christmas and I dove back into work with a sigh of relief. It is not that I dislike the holiday, but I am in the middle of many projects which were interrupted by festivities. Perhaps this is why I was not able to fully develop a holiday glow in which everything felt lovely. I’d start it, but then Kiki would need to unburden herself of concerns about upcoming art projects, or Link’s youth leader would corner me to talk about scout stuff, or I’d get an email reminding me that both Gleek and Patch have some testing coming up in January. The source varied, and I was reminded that there was much to do, only I wasn’t supposed to be doing any of it. I was supposed to be in the moment, treasuring the time right in front of me. I did in snatches: Gleek hugging her new spiral draw set tight. Kiki pulling (and pulling and pulling) to free her new giant scarf from the stocking. Melting wax on a candle. The shifting patterns from the Christmas pyramid as they played across the kitchen ceiling. Sitting by the Christmas tree. Singing a carol. These moments brought peace and joy in the season.

At this point I can almost hear the worried friends and relations, concerned that the did not do enough to make my Christmas marvelous. They need not fear, or feel bad. I had a good Christmas. It was everything it should be. The requirement to make sure that Christmas is magical puts too much pressure on everyone. It is the source of the stress. Good is enough. A magical timeless glow either arrives or it doesn’t. I caught it sometimes and others I didn’t. This is fine. For now, I’m ready to turn my thoughts toward making good use out of what is left of 2012. The minute I hit January I need to be ready for 2013.