Today We Achieved Routine

Right after lunch we finished the last of the coin set assembly and began to ship orders. It took us awhile to figure out how the assembly processes needed to go, but once we did the finished packages began to accumulate. It was only after we declared done for the day that I realized we’ve finally finished set up and are now beginning to process orders. From here out things will be more routine with fewer surprises. This is good news. I can feel the difference.

The other thing that made today worlds better: Howard came home early from Phoenix Comic Con. We’d originally planned to have him travel today, but instead changed is flight to yesterday. This meant he could spend today recovering. Buffer work will resume tomorrow along with the continuing shipping work.

It feels strange that I’m sending kids to bed because they have school in the morning, but they do. Three more days of school for them, but none of those days are routine. Tomorrow my senior gets out at 10:30 in the morning, my elementary kids have a dance festival, and my junior high kid has yearbook day. Wednesday and Thursday are similarly odd. Then they’re done. I would probably have a lot more emotional energy to spend on all of these transitions if the coin shipping wasn’t smack on top of it all.

This is what assembling sets looked like on the second day:

The first day of assembly everything was a bit more chaotic. I didn’t get a picture of what package assembly looked like because we were too busy figuring out how it needed to work. Hopefully I’ll have enough focus tomorrow to take pictures.