Shipping Update

Work hours 40
Packages shipped: Approx 100

Work hours:31
Packages shipped: Approx 500

Total so far:
Work hours:127
Packages shipped: Approx 750

The following backer levels are in the mail:
Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins
Tagon’s Toughs challenge coin
Two Tagon’s Toughs Challenge coins

About 2/3 of the Officers club is packaged.
Some simple NCO club orders (7 coins only) are packaged.

Progress feels slow.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Update”

  1. I’m not concerned about them getting here too quickly, as long as you guys aren’t working yourselves too hard over there I can wait a couple of weeks for my Officers Club package.

    1. Thank you. But going slower would increase my stress not reduce it. I need to get these out the door and into the hands of those who ordered them so I can put my house back into order.

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