Busy Brain Day

My brain has been hopping through business tasks all day. I spent much of the morning looking at possible Point of Sale systems for our business. We’ve managed at conventions with a sort of cobbled together system, but it would be nice to have an integrated one that tracks everything for me rather than me having to figure out bits and pieces after the fact. Unfortunately this sort of analysis and decision making wears my brain out. Then my inner financial squirrel starts to make noises about the expense and don’t we really want to hold on to the money anyway. The financial squirrel likes to keep as much money stashed away as possible. But the storekeeper and accountant portions of my brain like this Point of Sale system very much.

I’d almost settled on a system when Howard needed to talk through some business things for upcoming conventions, so that required me to switch into booth manager brain. We also discussed the need for new headshots, a contract negotiation we need to undertake without offending the other party, and a contract that I really should have written and sent a week ago. So I ran downstairs and pulled out my contract writing brain. I was not quite done with that when it got to be time for my scheduled phone call with a publicist. We’ve never been very good about advertising Schlock. We comprehend the principles of marketing and branding, but I’ve never managed to figure out where and when to send out review copies. So spending an hour picking the brain of someone who does know was a very good idea. But I had to pull out my marketing brain.

Then I had pieces of all these different brains all taking up space in my head. Wait, that sounds way stranger than I thought it would. Rephrase. I had fragments of thoughts about Point of Sale systems, convention set up, marketing tasks, and contracts. So naturally I took my head full of fragments and went to buy a replacement for my seriously out of date phone. I have a new now, though I have mixed feelings about having it. The financial squirrel is not pleased at all, and the nostalgic part of me feels sad to part with my old one, it was a good companion for a long time. Yet as I’ve been setting up the new phone, it works so much better, so much more smoothly, that I’m losing my sadness very quickly. I’m going to be able to work and communicate on the go with far more capability. This is a good thing. If it were only a personal phone, I would have kept muddling through. Now I have a fully functional work device that I can carry in my pocket. Which was the point.

Now it is bedtime and there are lots of loose thoughts to mop up and tasks to put to bed. Or maybe it is me I need to put to bed so that I can finish tasks tomorrow. I think I’ll go with that plan.