A Day of Odds and Ends

Link was hoping that today would be a go-to-the-waterpark day. Instead it was an odds and ends day. I watched my older sister’s two youngest kids while she and her husband helped their college boy move out of the dorms. He’s headed back home to file paperwork to go on a mission. Watching the two girls was much more low key than last Wednesday when I watched my younger sister’s crew of four. Not having a toddler and preschooler makes a difference in how much attention has to be paid per minute. It was nice for my kids to see their cousins, though in both cases it did make clear that my kids are moving out of the free form pretending stages. Patch is still there, the rest are not.

I also tackled some customer support issues for which I was the customer. In the end I achieved my goals, but I can’t call it a pleasant experience when I have to chat with two different people and leave a message with a third to even figure out if I’ve reached the right department in the company. If that third department could have just said “we’ll totally fix that for you, just give us an hour” It would have saved me from complaining out loud on Twitter. Customer support via twitter is not good for anybody really. The messages are too short for complex problems and they are public instead of private. But in the end we got an email with the proper serial number to make Kiki’s copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 into an official copy. She has the tools she needs.

The return of the “thinks it’s been stolen” iPad is still pending. I had to call that company and nudge them, which irritates me. They got the return on Wednesday, but did not process the replacement until I called them this morning (Friday), despite the fact that I made it very clear that I was in a hurry to get the replacement. The lady told me she would rush it and send it next day. Except they assembled the package in the afternoon (I got a shipment notification) but haven’t yet given it to UPS (Not in their tracking system yet) so I have my doubts that it will show up at my house on Monday like she promised. Fine. I’ll reshuffle my schedule for setting up my Point of Sale system. It’s not like I had anything else to do. (I may be a little cranky about this. Logically I understand that these things happen and I try not to take it out on the customer support people, but it leaves cranky flying loose and I guess this is where it vented a bit.)

I took Gleek to get re-pixied. This time I really like the shape of the pixie cut, which is a relief and means that my reservations about the prior cut were particular to that cut and not to pixie cuts in general. The style really suits her and she’ll be adorable for the beginning of middle school on Monday. She is not the only one headed to school on Monday even though the official first day is Tuesday. The High school called to inform me that there is an orientation for incoming students, of which Link is one. This was the first I’d heard of this orientation day. So Link and Gleek will be off to school on Monday while Patch and Kiki remain at home.

I wanted to do more focused work through out the day, but it was a scattered day instead. Perhaps tomorrow will see some effective efforts from me.