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November 2013
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Strength of Wild Horses Kickstarter is Live

This morning I pushed the launch button on the Strength of Wild Horses Kickstarter. You can see the project page by clicking on the link. I recommend doing that since the page has pretty pictures. You can also watch the video that I posted about last week. I hope that after you’re done marveling at how uncomfortable I am in front of a camera, you’ll consider kicking in some money to support the project. I love this book and really want to see it made real. If you don’t have a child in your life who needs a book, then perhaps you’ll pass the word along to people who do. Every bit helps, and in fact the most help is when a person, who is not the creator, says “Hey this book is worth looking at.”

This has been a fantastic day. Lots of people have helped spread the word on social media. Friends have been kind and helpful. I’ve got lots of fun interviews and guest posts lined up for the next week. They were really fun to write, having people read them will be fun too. As of this writing the project is 13% funded with 29 days to go. It is a strong start and I’m excited to see how things continue.

2 comments to Strength of Wild Horses Kickstarter is Live

  • Barbara JexCourter

    Hey Sandra –

    FYI – The link on the book image is taking us to a July 2013 Cobble post( What shows up when you mouse over & where you end up are not the same. We also get a little note “SWH mockup sm”. The ‘SWH Kickstarter’ link works just fine (I’m all done there).

    So glad this next book is getting real! I really liked the first one.


    • You’re right. That is very odd. I’ve pulled the image link until I have time to pound on the system and make it work properly. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for backing the project.