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February 2014
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Life The Universe and Everything Symposium 2014

Beginning tomorrow and running through Saturday I’ll be at the Life The Universe and Everything symposium in downtown Provo. If you’re local, I highly recommend it. Attendance is FREE to anyone with a student ID. If you’re at LTUE and looking for me in particular, you should pay special attention to the Friday items. I’m giving a solo presentation and doing a reading. I’ve not yet determined whether I’ll be available for the mass signing that is scheduled for Friday evening. Here is my schedule:

Thursday 11:00am:
Why Economics Matters
Why do people build cities where they do? How do your protagonists make sure that they will be able to eat? Basic economics and how it impacts the world of your story.
Orson Scott Card, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Dr. David Ferro, Eric Swedin, Robison Wells, Sandra Tayler

Thursday 1:00 pm
Writing Children
Aaron Johnston, J Scott Savage, Patricia K. Castelli, Lehua Parker, Sandra Tayler, Tristi Pinkston

Friday 11:00 am
Building a Community Among Your Readers
Sandra Tayler

Friday 12:00pm
Reading: Sandra Tayler

Saturday 9:00am
Self-Publishing Pros and Cons
Aneeka Richins, Fiona Ostler, Jaleta Clegg, Pendragon Inman, Sandra Tayler

Saturday 1:00pm
Using Games in the Classroom
Games can be used a teaching tool in a variety of situations. This panel discusses ways that teachers can use games in new ways, and the importance .
Karen Anne Webb, Sandra Tayler, Jaleta Clegg, Heather B Monson, Revan, Flagoon

Saturday 4:00 pm
Writing Children’s Books
Chad Morris, J Scott Savage, Mikey Brooks, Sandra Tayler, Patricia K. Castelli, Tiffini Knight

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