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September 2014
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Shed Building Day Part 1

This was the day when all of the planning, sawing, and everything was supposed to result in a shed and a completed eagle project. We got in about 3 hours of work before the rain came.
Rained out
Link, wisely, said we should call it and finish a different day. I had a hard time agreeing to that, because I really wanted the project to be done. Instead we’ll be having Shed Building Day part 2 on Wednesday.

For now, I’m going to curl up in my bed and try to warm up after being wet and cold.

3 comments to Shed Building Day Part 1

  • Barbara

    Ohhh – you SOOO have my sympathy! My daughter’s Girl Scout Gold Award project (2 years ago) got rained out 6 of 8 available workdays. What was scheduled to finish in Dec was finally completed the first weekend in Feb. Sigh.

    And then you have to get it documented, and everything signed and approved . . .

    The whole family was glad to stop thinking about it when it was over.

    We’re really proud of her, but “mental project exhaustion” is definitely a thing. We feel there should be a parental support award for surviving the experience without permanently alienating family members. And maybe a fund to help pay for gas . . .

  • Barbara

    You ALL will get to the end of this. And then your brain will fill with something else (though since it’ll probably be the Schlock pre-orders YOU will get to be in charge ;-)).