Call for Strong Volunteers

UPDATE: Delivery will be happening on Monday during business hours. We appear to have the crew we need. Thank you!

We need heavy lifting help on either Friday (Nov 21) or Monday (Nov 24) to do some box shifting in the Hypernode Media warehouse in Orem UT. We need 4-6 people who are strong enough to lift and stack boxes. 500 of the boxes will be light (slipcases) 200 of the boxes will be heavy (books). We do not have exact hours until the trucking company provides us with a delivery window.

We reward volunteers with food, free merchandise, and gift cards.

If you want to be on the list, email and tell us what times you are available. Sandra will correspond with you to pin down exact times.

We’re expecting a delivery of 32 pallets. Our warehouse has floor space for 15 pallets. This means that as the trucking company offloads the pallets, Sandra needs a crew to be tearing into the pallets and stacking boxes into towers thus making space for more pallets. We’ll be stacking the slipcases up to twelve feet high (we’ll have a nice ladder and, yes, we have pallet wrap to keep the towers stable.) The books will stack about five or six feet high.

Again: if you have time and are interested, please email with the hours that you are available.

7 thoughts on “Call for Strong Volunteers”

  1. Possibly a silly idea but you can generally stack pallets. Might be worth the time/effort to see how much it costs to rent one for an hour or so? Or not. Manual labor is timeless, after all.

    1. We thought about it, but the books are heavy enough that stacking pallets would do crushing damage. Also there isn’t much maneuvering room for a forklift. There is also the fact that I have seen the damage an inexpertly driven forklift can do to a pallet of books and none of us are experienced with driving a forklift.

  2. Just a thought, but if you have less than 15 pallets of books, why not just stack slipcases on top of the books?

    Restacking books to six feet high is a lot of heavy work, and even if you need to move some slipcases later to get at the books I think you would still be better off.

    I used to work in the print industry, and lifting boxes of it over shoulder height is not a good idea.

  3. I work in north Orem and may be able to help out depending on the exact scheduling of the shipment (bound by meetings and a carpool), plus have some slightly dated forklift experience and the ability to prefer slow and careful over fast and dangerous.

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