Learning to Work

Today my son has a money problem that I could easily solve for him. I am not solving it, because learning to solve your money problems by being willing to work is a vitally important life skill. And it is one that can only be learned if other people don’t always solve your problems for you.

This experience is not being fun for either of us.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Work”

  1. There were times in my younger life when my parents refused to solve these problems for me, too. And there were other times when they did.

    That was half my life ago, and looking back, the times that I’m grateful for are the times they DIDN’T solve it for me. The times they solved it for me, I don’t really even remember the specifics of the problem itself; however, the times they didn’t? I remember the lessons I learned.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is keep up the good work. It may be hard now, but he’ll be grateful someday down the line.

  2. Go you!
    I’m interested in the LTUE stuff, but I also have to say: I think it’s worth it to NOT step in and solve stuff, even when it is so tempting to. Very, very hard, but also worth it.

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