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November 2015
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December Already

In just a few hours it will be December. I’m finding myself in something of an odd place with that fact. I’ve been shopping for Christmas gifts, but that has more to do with the end-of-year financial planning that I’ve been doing than holiday spirit. Thanksgiving weekend came and went without us pulling the decorations […]

Moments I’m Grateful For

Last night I followed the sound of voices up to Gleek’s room where I found Howard, Kiki, and Gleek in a spirited conversation about a game they all love. This morning it happened again in the kitchen, only the topic was writing, language,the game, and storytelling. Kiki and Howard have long had conversations like this, […]

Special Needs Scavenger Hunt

I’ve spent the last eighteen years participating in an educational scavenger hunt and I’ve only just now recognized that was what I was dealing with. By age three it was obvious that Link was a special needs kid. It was also obvious that he was friendly, happy, loving, and smart. With the first diagnosis of […]

Attending the World Fantasy Convention

I have been waylaid by many things in the past few weeks. I am still processing grief from my Grandma’s passing. That emotion is not particularly heavy, I did much of my grieving in advance, but it is still present. More difficult to manage are the emotions I’m having over parenting decisions I must make. […]

A Day Bookended with Thoughts

8:30 am I spent the weekend at World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs New York. I have a half-written blog post about that with some lovely autumn leaves pictures.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of running around for my son Link. He needed a non-driving state ID since acquiring the driver’s license does not seem […]