A Day Bookended with Thoughts

8:30 am
I spent the weekend at World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs New York. I have a half-written blog post about that with some lovely autumn leaves pictures.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of running around for my son Link. He needed a non-driving state ID since acquiring the driver’s license does not seem to be in the near future. This task became urgent because he’s now 18 and I realized that he would no longer be allowed to fly on airplanes unless he had an official ID. We also went to look at a transitional program that may be of use to him after high school. Then we dropped off some paperwork at Vocational Rehabilitation where we were told that people are finally being pulled off of the waiting list where Link has been at the top for the last six months. So maybe things will get moving for him soon. That would be good. He’s been very discouraged in the past week or so. When I wasn’t helping Link, I was sleeping. Conventions always create a sleep debt.

Today I pick up where I left off. The trouble is that there are many different categories of things that I put down in order to go to World Fantasy. I have business administration to do in the form of accounting and shipping. I have design work to do on this year’s thank you postcard, Planet Mercenary, and Force Multiplication. There are decisions to be made about how to mitigate our taxes for the kickstarter money. I need to sign up for next year’s healthcare coverage, which requires lots of cross checking and thinking because I can’t just sign up for the same coverage we had this year. I have appointments to schedule. Unpacking to do. House maintenance. It is on days like today where my life feels a bit overwhelming.

I used my time well all day long, and I didn’t accomplish everything I hoped to do. I did many of the things. I think I got the most important things first, yet I’m looking at a tomorrow which needs to be every bit as effective as today was.

Knocked out two more important tasks. Hopefully now my task brain will be willing to shut down so I can relax toward bedtime. And perhaps sometime later this week I’ll be able to crowbar enough space for longer slower thoughts and well-crafted words.