December Already

In just a few hours it will be December. I’m finding myself in something of an odd place with that fact. I’ve been shopping for Christmas gifts, but that has more to do with the end-of-year financial planning that I’ve been doing than holiday spirit. Thanksgiving weekend came and went without us pulling the decorations out of storage. Usually they’re up the day after Thanksgiving. I see lights going up all over town and I hear Christmas music in the stores, but somehow it hasn’t made it into my house yet. I should probably do something about that in the next few days. We should put up the Christmas tree at least. We will. At some point the holiday will seep in and I’ll be on board with it. I’ve just got so many other things I need to accomplish with my week.

I am looking forward to Kiki returning home for her winter break. I’m looking forward to the other kids also having time off from school. Rest is a good thing. I guess the trouble is that creating a holiday in the house is a big project and I’m full up on projects right now.