Watched Daredevil

A person as amazing and wonderful as Karen deserves to be someone’s first choice and first priority. I mean, sure go save the world and save lives, but she should come before the other stuff. Just saying.

Also, secrets and lies are never good for relationships.

Powerful show to evoke such strong reactions and discussion. Beautifully filmed. Far more blood and death than I was comfortable with, yet the show was all about the consequences of choices, what makes a hero, and where the line is between hero and villain.

2 thoughts on “Watched Daredevil”

  1. I thought it dealt with the obsessions of the hero and how they affect their lives better than any Batman story did.

    I also agree about all the bloody violence. But, even with that, it was still not as dark and “heavy” as JESSICA JONES. That was an intense series.

    1. Superheros make much more sense when you recognize that most of them are mentally ill or coping with trauma.

      Howard pointed out that being safe and rescued is not what makes people into heroes.

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