A List of Medical Specialties My Family has Needed over the Years

This list could also be called, Reasons I am Glad to Live in a World of Modern Medicine.
Family practice doctor
Many nurses and PAs
ENT surgeon
Radiation Oncologist
Cardiac care nurse
Pediatric urologist
Ultrasound technician
X-ray technician
MRI technician
CAT scan technician
Pediatric surgeon
Pediatric neurologist
EEG technician
EKG technician
Pediatric Psychiatrists
Licensed therapists

All of those for a family of six that is basically healthy. It is possible that some of the things we consulted these professionals for would have resolved on their own without intervention, but some of these interventions were life saving. Without medical intervention I would likely be dead by now, slowly choked to death by a throat tumor. Howard might not have survived his myocarditis in 1999, or his C Diff infection in 2013.

The only point I have here is that I am extremely grateful for modern medicine and I would really like to be able to continue to afford preventative care which allows us to stay well and lets us be contributing members of society. I don’t know what 2018 will bring on the healthcare front. I don’t know how much of my income will have to go toward premiums (in 2017, it’ll be about 25%) I don’t even know if I’ll have the option to purchase a healthcare plan at all. I will be pleased with any political party which delivers affordable healthcare that allows me to see the listed specialists as I need to. I will be angry at any party which makes seeing doctors more difficult and more expensive.

For now I guess I should be glad that the current round of testing and appointments will likely be concluded before the end of the year so that they can go on this year’s deductible instead of the much higher one for next year.