Thinking in Lists

In the past six months my thoughts have turned into lists. They are endless lists of urgent tasks accompanied by a sense of impending failure. Yet lately the lists are shorter, and I begin to see the results of those lists in projects accomplished. The lists are going to last through July, but they now have some spaces between them. Those spaces are going to get larger. Occasionally when I am inside of one of those spaces I feel a little lost. I’ve forgotten what to do when my days are strictly constrained by urgent tasks. I know that I should begin picking up my own long-neglected projects, and I will, but not just yet. First I need to teach my brain that it is okay to not think in lists all the time.

1 thought on “Thinking in Lists”

  1. Things to add: Celebrate. Hug. Thank God. — in no particular order. Actually, you can do all three at the same time.

    I am certain I am not the only human thankful for your existence and your spirit.

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