36 Hours (of No Sleeping) Later

I have achieved hotel with bed, wifi, and the correct amperage of power for my devices. Soon I will go to sleep and hope to wake in the morning with my body convinced that this schedule shifted by eight hours is okay.

1 thought on “36 Hours (of No Sleeping) Later”

  1. Do you mean voltage? Hotel wall sockets can usually deliver 10-15 Amps the world over (it’s hard to do better with straightforward push in sockets). The problem you are likely to encounter is that Europe universally uses 220-240V. (But electronic power supplies don’t tend to care much about the input voltage).

    (Aside: Counter-intuitively, 220V is safer; most people who are killed by electrical faults die from smoke inhalation. 220V systems use lower currents, so faults generate 4x less heat, and hence are less likely to start fires.)

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